Case Studies

Case Studies

TenIntelligence has operational experience in a variety of global jurisdictions and industries. A selection of our case studies are highlighted below:

London: Enhanced Due Diligence – AIM Listed Company

TenIntelligence were tasked by a Nominated Advisor to provide due diligence services on an individual being considered for a Board position. Our thorough desk-based research revealed that the Subject had misled the client regarding his previous experience, but otherwise had no adverse financial, regulatory, insolvency, sanction or media exposure.

Subsequent interviews with well-placed human sources revealed that the Subject had been accused of insider trading and defrauding their clients, and had behaved inappropriately towards colleagues.

Security & Privacy Review – Breach

TenIntelligence recently performed a Cyber/Data security review of a client’s technology and security capabilities following a reported security breach. In order to provide assurance it met the extensive information security challenges for the digital age of business, our consultants performed penetration testing analysis, cyber security systems evaluation and an assessment of information security procedures. The incident itself was a targeted phishing campaign, followed up with social engineering of several team members over a period of months, resulting in the change of supplier bank accounts details, allowing the perpetrator the mechanism to obtain funds by way of fraud.

Croatia: Political Risk – Venture Capital Energy Project

The team were instructed by the company to identify areas of risk and opportunity that could have an impact on the success of its investment.  The operation involved speaking with local business leaders and politicians to identify the operational and ownership structures of the projects; as well as political intelligence into the then current government and opposition’s energy and environmental policies.

Brazil: Intelligence Gathering – Pharmaceuticals

The CEO led a covert operations team to Sao Paulo, Brazil where they initiated a competitor intelligence assignment on behalf of a European pharmaceuticals client in regards to a specific consumer market. The investigation involved gathering open source intelligence, analysing locally sourced information and speaking with specialists in the medical profession in Brazil.

UAE: Counterfeit Investigation – IT Equipment

A US computer networking company was supplied with that a company in Dubai was purporting to sell counterfeit networking equipment to both the local and international market. Our consultants formed a rapport with the company and organised a meeting at their offices to arrange for the payment and collection of some products and during the meeting it was made apparent that the company had a further sister concern located in the Jebel Ali Free Zone. The sample purchases were sent to Europe and verified as both counterfeit and illegally upgraded products.

Mexico: Fraud Investigation – Electronics

Our CEO was part of a fraud investigation team working for a multi-national electronics company who had several manufacturing plants in Juarez, Mexico, an area which is often a hostile and dangerous environment to conduct business.  After conducting a fraud risk review, the fraud investigation team identified several senior executives who were accepting bribes from a local narcotics cartel to supply them with arranged over-run production items.

UK: Asset Tracing – Significant Debtor

Acting for a UK law firm, their London based client had incurred a significant debt from one of it’s customers.  The customer in question had defaulted on a repayment scheme and was not responding to correspondence. Using basic information provided by the client, our team managed to research, locate and identify several properties in the United Kingdom owned by the debtor worth over £2,000,000.

GCC: Gulf – Market Surveys

TenIntelligence was tasked with conducting a market survey in the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar by a well-known mobile phone manufacturer to assist in identification of traders who were making unauthorised use of its trademarks and to establish whether these traders were selling counterfeit or original products.

UAE: Dubai Police Liaison – Brand Protection

TenIntelligence works closely with the Dubai Criminal Investigation Department, who were tipped off with the location of a large villa in Dubai purported to be storing and selling counterfeit luxury designer handbags, clothing, jewellery, shoes etc. Our Team was requested to assist the CID officers to conduct a visit to the premises to understand the layout of the property together with the quantity and types of brands on offer.

UAE: Market Survey – Brand Protection

TenIntelligence was instructed to conduct a market survey to identify how many retailers in a named area of Dubai sold the branded fragrances and the quantities involved. Our report detailed the names of the companies, together with the quantities that were on display and how many they could supply on a wholesale basis and the possible turnaround times.

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