Strategic Intelligence

Strategic Intelligence

Strategic Intelligence

Our team provides Clients with strategic advisory, competitor intelligence, open source intelligence (OSINT investigations), third party supply chain and geopolitical risk advisory for Clients.

Whether your organisation is looking for new market entry, vendor due diligence, travel security advice, reviewing your personal digital footprints, contact TenIntelligence for further assistance.

Supply Chain & Third Party Assurance

A robust third-party assurance programme allows your organisation to ensure the data and systems it entrusts to its providers are maintained in a secure and compliant manner.  Proper vendor due diligence and risk analysis are critical components delivering the assurance programme and should become an integral part of contract management.

Third party due diligence should focus on the thorough vetting of organisations, prior to establishing or continuing a relationship.

Vendor Due Diligence

How we can help

  • Design and develop written third-party agreements, policies and procedures to promote consistency and mutual understanding between the business and service provider
  • Conduct audits across the business to review, identify and assess known and unknown risks, including site visits, physical security reviews and provide an assurance opinion
  • Design, develop and maintain the monitoring regime of the service provider and its compliance to business policies and legislation
  • Design and implementation of processes and procedures for assessment compliance regimes

Competitor Intelligence

Understanding who, how, where and what your competitors are planning is a fundamental facet in business. Using our analysis allows our clients to anticipate competitive threats, identify product launches, recruitment campaigns and expansions into new markets.

How we can help:

We administer ethical fact finding and innovative research techniques that identify and evaluate competitors strategies to help determine their capabilities, vulnerabilities, intentions, strengths and weaknesses, relative to those of your own product or service.  Helping to provide clients with the knowledge they require to help integrate focused decisions, identify new markets and seize fresh opportunities.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) & Digital Footprints

We specialise in providing clients with accurate information about their organisations, personal and family’s digital footprint from our Open Source Intelligence services (OSINT investigations).

How we can help

Our team can help investigate your digital footprint and identify your personal exposure to breached data and leaked information from searches from social media, deep web sources and the dark web.

Cyber criminals and fraudsters trade personal information across the web and will use this personal information against key individuals. Find out more about your digital footprint by considering an OSINT investigation report.

Using our innovative Open Source Intelligence services and conventional investigation techniques, we interrogate online media and press databases, court documents, global business filings, property records, web-based communities, hashed sources, breach information and social networking analysis helps us to identify your digital footprint.

Find out how we can help you

We understand that due diligence, corporate investigations and protection services can be sensitive and complex matters, and we take steps to ensure that all of our clients’ information is kept strictly confidential.

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