Our Team

Our Team

TenIntelligence is built upon the diversity and expertise of our global teams, both in the UK and UAE.  We have a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team who possess different skill sets, including languages as well as legal, security, brand protection, corporate fraud, investigation and compliance experience. We strive for perfection and always keep to our core values.

Neil Miller Headshot

Neil Miller

Founder and CEO

With over twenty years of experience in the corporate security and investigations sector, Neil has international case experience in due diligence, intelligence gathering, brand protection, asset tracing, surveillance and fraud investigations. He is a qualified Certified Fraud Examiner with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners; a member of the London Fraud Forum; and an active member of the United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network.

He is a regular contributor on fraud topics with leading industry magazines and has been a contributing author for three different editions of Managing Business Risk published by Kogan Page.

Neil’s management experience started in 2001 when he was appointed Research Director at an internationally renowned fraud investigation company. He has since been a Board Director for a UK based brand protection and investigations company he helped set up in 2004.

Neil has operational experience within a variety of jurisdictions including Nigeria, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, UAE, Hong Kong, Croatia, Romania, USA, UK and Ireland.

Jenni Miller Headshot

Jenni Miller

Manager | Finance & Business Support

Jenni has 20 years’ experience in the retail banking industry during which she progressed in a variety of roles which have given her a breadth of knowledge in business administration, management and HR.

Jenni joined TenIntelligence in 2019 and provides finance and business support helping coordinate the group’s financial strategy and project implementation.

Tim Minchin Headshot

Tim Minchin

Operations Manager

Tim joined TenIntelligence in 2019 and leads our Due Diligence, Investigations and Forensic teams providing clients with expertise in due diligence (legal, regulatory and non-regulatory) projects on individuals, investments and companies.

Qualified with Certification in Digital Forensics Fundamentals (in association with the National Cyber Security Centre), Tim also leads our Digital Forensics practice assisting clients with the preservation and examination of digital evidence.

Prior to joining TenIntelligence, Tim qualified as an Engineer and developed his management skills in the retail sector before moving to the financial sector gaining considerable knowledge in GDPR and Data Protection with experience in data analysis, governance and client management.

Lynsey Hanson

Data Protection Officer

Lynsey joined TenIntelligence in 2022 and brings with her over 15 years compliance experience in Data Protection.

Prior to joining TenIntelligence, Lynsey worked in the regulated financial sector, gaining in-depth knowledge across several regulatory requirements, including Data Protection. Lynsey’s expertise extends beyond data protection regulations to encompass additional frameworks such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and various International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards.

Lynsey is not only a seasoned professional but also an experienced trainer, delivering comprehensive Data Protection training both in-house and externally. She plays a crucial role at TenIntelligence, providing Data Protection advice and supporting clients in meeting their obligations to comply with all Data Protection Laws and regulations in the UK, Europe and Middle East.

Shela Febrero

Shela Febrero

Associate | Due Diligence & Investigations

Shela joined the team in 2021.  Shela conducts global sourcing and in-house research, due diligence and various types of investigations such as brand protection, asset tracing, site visits and OSINT.

Prior to joining TenIntelligence, Shela resided and worked in Asia with 14 years of experience in the field of corporate and investigation.  During this time, she conducted enhanced due diligence for both corporate entities and individuals, which included anti-money laundering,  investigative market research,  background screening and investigations.  Shela has experience in dealing with cases related to IP infringement and brand protection, including “gray markets”.

As a crypto-currency investigator, Shela leads our crypto-currency investigations and tracing searches.

Shela’s background also includes digital forensics and data recovery, and she has a passion in OSINT.

Rachael Legg headshot

Rachael Legg

Senior Analyst | Due Diligence & Investigations

Rachael (Rae) joined the team in 2020 as a Due Diligence Analyst.

Rae provides clients with expertise in due diligence (legal, regulatory and non-regulatory) projects on individuals and companies. 

With a First Class Degree in French and Spanish, Rae brings her cultural, language and research expertise to the team.

Prior to joining TenIntelligence, Rae worked in the travel tech sector and assisted the customer service team with bilingual communication and organisation skills.

Catherine Da Costa

Catherine Da Costa


Catherine joined the team in 2021. She works on due diligence reports, asset tracing and OSINT investigations.

With Masters Degrees in Legal Translation and Human Rights, Catherine brings her research, analysis and language skills to the team.

Prior to joining TenIntelligence, Catherine worked as a legal translator and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. She speaks fluent Italian, intermediate Spanish and some French.


Liss Ortiz Diaz

Analyst | Digital Forensics

Lisseth joined the due diligence team in 2022 and is now an Analyst in our Digital Forensics Division.

Lisseth successfully obtained a BA in International Relations from Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla in 2021 and an LLM in International Commercial Law from University of Kent in 2022. She proficiently utilises her research, writing and critical thinking skills to conduct comprehensive investigations and identify potential red flags.

Lisseth also holds a Certificate in Computer Forensics from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is a Certified Digital Forensics Examiner. She is able to uncover evidence from electronic devices and ensure the integrity of digital data, as well as examine recovered data to provide supporting information to legal proceedings and decision-making processes.

Lisseth is currently studying a MSc in Computer Science and Cybersecurity from the University of York.

James Weeds

Senior Analyst

James joined the team as a Due Diligence Analyst in 2022. 

James conducts due diligence checks on individuals and companies, using his research expertise and keen eye for detail to produce high-quality reports. James’ intercultural understanding, along with his thoroughness, allows him to provide clients with detailed and accurate information from a diverse range of jurisdictions. 

Prior to joining TenIntelligence, James completed a BA in German and Russian at the University of Leeds and an MA in Linguistics at the University of Kent. 

Riwa Haidar

Analyst | Due Diligence

Riwa joined the Team in 2024 as a Due Diligence Analyst.

Prior to joining TenIntelligence, Riwa worked as an Analyst for a year where she focused on the MENA region, conducting background check reports, information gathering, as well as geopolitical analysis.

She completed her degree in History and Social Anthropology at the University of Kent and her MRes in Social Anthropology at SOAS, University of London.

Patrick Madden Headshot

Patrick Madden

Director | Digital Forensics

Patrick Madden started his career in the industry as a computer forensic examiner in early 2002. Prior to this he worked as an IT support technician for 4 years, during which time he gained significant knowledge about the day to day functioning of business computing, and how various companies operated. He has regularly drawn on this experience when undertaking digital forensic investigations and consults TenIntelligence with high profile cases through his external “Right Click” consultancy.

Patrick has attained the Encase Certified Examiner qualification, and has given evidence in the High Court, the Crown Court and the Commercial Court on numerous occasions for both civil and criminal matters. He has assisted various government agencies on search warrants and has been the primary computer forensic consultant for many civil search orders.

Nikhil Kamboj

Nikhil Kamboj

Director | Data Protection & Cyber Security

With over fifteen years of experience in technology, cyber-security and regulatory compliance, Nikhil has deep understanding of data protection legislations, cyber-security threats, security compliance standards, auditing and business continuity. Nikhil holds an Engineering and Master’s degrees in Computing; is a qualified BSI Certified ISO27001 Lead Auditor; Certified GDPR Practitioner; trained NIST Risk Framework expert; member of the Security Institute; an experienced Data Protection Officer and Chief Information Security Officer.

He was responsible for leading business strategy for Compliance, IT systems, Cyber-Security and Business Continuity for a nationally renowned large security company.

Nikhil provides TenIntelligence with Data Protection, Cyber Security and Information Security Compliance consultancy through his company Databox 360.

Elena Fedorova Headshot

Elena Fedorova

Financial Controller | Dubai

Elena is a hands-on and result driven senior financial professional with progressive experience gained in diverse industries in New Zealand and Middle East & Russia. She is a Chartered Accountant and registered mentor with Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and holds a Degree in Economics and Degree in Accounting.

​Elena’s core skills include financial and strategic planning, working capital management, cash flow modelling and forecast, financial risk management, internal control development, ERP implementation, leadership and people management.

With over 20 years of experience Elena’s career combines diverse industry exposure alongside strong working relationships with auditors, accountants, legal consultants, banks and board of directors in many different companies in multiple geographical regions.

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