Due Diligence

Due Diligence

International Background Checks

Our team provides clients with the due diligence they require to make assured decisions:

  • we interrogate the corporate history of individuals and companies, specifically looking for undisclosed red flags, adverse findings, false or exaggerated statements
  • our research covers multiple international jurisdictions and is performed in different languages
  • we provide unbiased insight and assess the appropriateness of an individual or company based on third-party interviews
  • helping clients meet their financial regulatory requirements for quoted companies, IPOs and SPACs listing on international exchanges

Financial Crime Compliance

Our team helps clients deter financial crime and ensure they meet their anti-money laundering and compliance obligations by:

  • providing accurate information on Ultimate Beneficial Ownership, corporate structures and sources of wealth
  • determining whether an organisation, or the beneficial owner of an organisation, is a Politically Exposed Person (PEP), conduct ongoing monitoring and report on suspicious transactions
  • investigating whether corruption and bribery schemes exist within your organisation, procurement functions and supply chains

Strategic Intelligence

We safeguard our clients’ reputation and protect them from geopolitical risks and international regulatory breaches by:

  • collecting reliable intelligence on diverse business customs, market entry strategy, fraud risks, corruption levels, political influences and the regulatory environment
  • providing competitor intelligence analysis to anticipate competitive threats, product launches, marketing campaigns and expansions into new markets
  • guiding senior management through uncharted territories by securing travel arrangements, through to developing secure and compliant third-party assurance programmes

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