Market Survey – Brand Protection

Market Survey - Brand Protection

A client advised that counterfeit branded fragrances were being sold in the open market at heavily discounted prices and the contents of which may be harmful.

TenIntelligence was instructed to conduct a market survey to identify how many retailers in a named area of Dubai sold the branded fragrances and the quantities involved. Our report detailed the names of the companies, together with the quantities that were on display and how many they could supply on a wholesale basis and the possible turnaround times.

Additionally we also informed the client that not only counterfeit fragrances being sold, but commented on the number of other branded products such as sunglasses, clothing etc.

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You can also visit www.tenintel.com/brand-protection, where you can find out how we support clients in the identification, intelligence gathering and the execution of enforcement notices on counterfeit branded goods. across the UAE.

To protect your brand and keep your customers safe, contact our brand protection team in Dubai at dubai@tenintel.com, so we can work collaboratively for the identification and safe removal of counterfeit products.

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