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ICO announces new data protection fining guidance March’24

The Information Commissioner’s Office unveils new data protection fining guidelines, offering clarity on penalty issuance and fine calculation, enhancing transparency for organizations. The new guidance is issued to replace sections of the ICO Regulatory Action Policy, published in November 2018. With data breaches and privacy infringements increasingly making headlines, regulatory authorities worldwide have bolstered their […]

Achieving ISO 27001 Certification for Data Security Excellence

Introduction: ISO 27001 is a vital framework for data security, providing organizations with clear guidelines to protect sensitive information. Our recent recertification highlights not only our expertise but also our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data protection. As experienced professionals in this field, we are well-equipped to support others in their compliance […]

November 2021: Issue Thirteen

As we enter autumn and with the winter months not far away, many of us are now returning back to the office, either on a full time, or agile basis. Our Team members are now back in our Kent HQ office at least 2 days a week and our London office is back open for business too[...]

April 2021: Issue Twelve

Our Team regularly talks about the importance of looking after our physical and mental well-being, so in February we decided to turn words into action and set our Team a fundraising challenge! We are aiming to walk, run or cycle the 4,400 miles which is the approximate distance between our UK and Dubai offices[...]

January 2021: Issue Eleven

For us, each team member will start to set out their ideas and plans for their personal development, which is a vital component to improving their working life. At TenIntelligence, we have an initiative called Ten% time, which allows every team member the opportunity to dedicate time to personal development and individual projects[...]

October 2020: Issue Ten

It has been three months since our Pandemic Edition whereby we provided commentary and fraud prevention measures around working remotely. With much of the UK workforce returning back to work, some after a period of furlough, some have even glimpsed a return back to the office before the government’s latest “work from home if you can” restrictions[...]

June 2020: Issue Nine

These last few months have been heartbreaking for many people. Lives have been cut short. Families have lost loved ones and have been kept apart. This continues to be a fast-paced situation and has caught many people and organisations by surprise; many were and are still under prepared[...]

February 2020: Issue Eight

Last year, political uncertainty dominated the UK headlines. Confidence in British business was low, financial markets were turbulent and there was indecisiveness within the political party ranks. British business took a blow, all whilst the outside world was watching us[...]

November 2019: Issue Seven

The political landscape has been a real distraction recently and it is no surprise that uncertainty often leads to financial strains and subsequently, workforce lay-offs. If your organisation has the unfortunate ordeal of laying off employees, be prepared[...]

June 2019: Issue Six

A recent financial research paper suggested 58% of UK small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) have invested in some form of resilience during the past 12 months. It is clear from these figures that business owners and managers are taking the necessary steps to protect themselves against new challenges[...]