Corporate Fraud

Corporate Fraud Investigation

Corporate Fraud Investigators

Fraud is any behaviour by which a person intends to gain a dishonest advantage over another. Corporate fraud investigations refers to those cases in which a company or organisation is involved.

The detection of corporate fraud usually arises from an internal audit finding, anonymous tip off, suspicion, complaint, whistle-blower or allegation. In our experience, suspicions of fraud are normally well founded, irrespective of the source.

If a suspicion of corporate fraud has arisen we trust our clients’ instincts and consult with them to develop the next course of action. We help them analyse the evidence and circumstances surrounding the suspicion and set out clear objectives in an investigation plan.

Whatever the investigation, each case must begin with the intention and preparation that it could end in litigation.

Contact us immediately if you have a suspicion of fraud. The integrity and continuity of evidence must be preserved in a secure manner.

How we can help:

TenIntelligence provides clients with investigative services; helping them:

  • determine the finer details of the suspected fraud, look to identify those involved and understand the mechanics of the fraud
  • perform thorough investigations, both in the interest of the victim and to clear innocent people under suspicion
  • identify and recover assets lost to fraud and prevent further losses
  • provide accurate evidence to help establish proof of loss, guilt and personal gain
  • review and implement measures to prevent fraud from occurring again

Evidence Gathering


All documents and data that could be relevant must be secured at the earliest possible stage of an corporate fraud investigation and retained and handled properly thereafter. The significance of all the documents that could be relevant to the suspected fraud should be considered. As part of our investigations, we will:

  • identify and locate critical evidence
  • secure, schedule, interrogate and analyse evidence legally obtained from the client’s communication records, data entry logs, audit and financial statement reviews and personnel files
  • review of evidence gathered from digital forensics, CCTV footage, mobile surveillance, interviews and profiling research
  • identify evidence from Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Human Source Intelligence (HUMINT) methods
  • interrogate online media and press databases, court documents, global business filings, property records, web-based communities and social networks to support the evidence gathering process
  • summarise the key facts, with supporting evidence, in an easily presented manner
  • map out relevant findings, corporate structures and assets in network diagrams (such as i2).


The objectives of each interview will be determined by the investigation plan and evidence already collected. Interviews with witnesses can be conducted at any stage in an investigation. The aim is to collect supporting evidence which can be used in legal proceedings, tribunal or for making a claim under insurance.

Our network of Certified Fraud Examiners have experience in interviewing obstructive witnesses, co-conspirators and the suspects themselves and apply professional techniques and principles to seek out the truth.

It is not essential that a guilty suspect does not admit their responsibility for the fraud. Deliberate lies, continued deceit and denials in the face of overwhelming evidence, will be just as condemning. Before interviewing a suspect or witness, we ensure that we rehearse, prepare and plan for every eventuality, including confessions, counter-attacks and denials.


Static observations, site visits and mobile surveillance are often valuable tools to aid the detection of evidence during corporate fraud investigations. Observation may be from a fixed position or may involve following suspects or vehicles to monitor activities around the suspected fraud, or to identify receivers of stolen goods. In all cases, photographs, digital video may be taken and produced as evidence.

Despite what is portrayed in the movies, surveillance is a specialist skill, calling for great care and planning.

Our surveillance teams consist of former police and military officers who have been trained to the highest standards within their professions. Whether a static observation is required to a six operative mobile surveillance assignment, our teams provide surveillance services of the highest quality using state of the art surveillance communications, vehicles and media equipment.

Surveillance Guidelines

Our teams regularly submit Section 9 Witness Statements and records its evidence under Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) 2000 and GDPR guidelines.

Fraud Prevention

We assist organisations prevent, detect and reduce fraud exposure to help them mitigate losses.  As part of our corporate fraud investigations and prevention reviews, we will:

  • Design, develop and implement written fraud policies and procedures to promote consistency and mutual understanding between the organisation and stakeholders
  • Conduct security audits across the organisation to review, identify and assess known and unknown fraud risks
  • Develop and monitor the procurement regime of supply chains and their compliance to fraud policies
  • Examine whether corruption schemes exist within an organisation, procurement functions and supply chains
  • Review existing contractual terms with employees, clients and supply chains to ensure compliance with anti-bribery legislation and “adequate procedures” requirements
  • Provide new and updated background checks on all employees, including senior hires and external contractors
  • Identify behavioural red flags displayed by fraud perpetrators

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