Brand Protection

Online Brand Protection Services

Brand Protection Services

World trade in FAKE goods is rising.

Our brand protection and online brand protection services help Clients identify whether their products are being counterfeited.

Trademark infringements are serious Intellectual Property crimes. They threaten the health and safety of consumers, and violate the rights of trademark, patent, and copyright owners.

Alcoholic beverages, food products, electronic goods, software, toys and luxury items, automobiles and aircraft parts are being maintained with substandard or counterfeit parts. This continues to be a considerable risk to consumers and the brand owners’ reputations.

Our team helps brand owners gather the evidence required to take further legal action.

We offer a genuinely GLOBAL reach.

Based in Dubai UAE, our brand protection service headquarters gives us local knowledge when asked to assist clients with brand protection services. We complete market surveys, test purchases, trademark infringement, and intellectual property due diligence research. Our services cover the UAE and the Middle East. Recent cases have involved working in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Iraq.

Working alongside our Clients allows our brand protection services and infringement investigations to help identify and remove counterfeit products safely.

Trademark Infringements

  • Check the validity of new trademarks, domain or brand names.
  • Performing in-use investigations and domain name investigations as part of the IP due diligence process
  • Conduct test purchases to confirm the originality and infringement of the products.
  • Performing due diligence into the suspected traders to identify any associated businesses.
  • Proactive searches for online and physical trademark infringement in the UAE and META regions.
  • Perform site visits to known and suspected premises to collect trader details, images and descriptions of products and other supporting evidence.

Streamline Your Online Brand Protection Strategies

At TenIntelligence, we understand that businesses face the challenge of establishing and executing effective Online Brand Protection strategies while optimising their resources.

Our innovative Online Brand Protection services help brand owners meet this challenge by integrating and automating monitoring and enforcement, allowing your in-house teams to focus on other priorities. Trust us to safeguard your brand’s reputation with our comprehensive brand protection solutions.

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