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Industry Insights – Added Protection for Our Clients

Industry Insights, character and regulatory references complement and add value to quantitative data and information with respect to individuals, entities and markets. Industry Insights are a crucial part of Due Diligence research and provides clients with deepened understanding and valuable context in respect of people’s characters, entity workings and events/circumstances. It is especially valuable when […]

The Indicators of Fraud and How to Spot them.  

The scale and impact of fraud is vast. It is estimated that organisations can lose between 2% and 5% of their expenditure as a result of fraud. The loss of money can result in reputational damage for a company at best. At worst, it can result in the loss of investment opportunities, loss of employment, […]

How to Implement Anti-fraud Measures

In my last insight on the topic of Fraud (which you can read here), I outlined the new “failure to prevent fraud” offence in the UK, and how to implement a fraud prevention framework.  In this latest insight, the finer points of fraud prevention measures are highlighted.   Did you know that the three points of […]

Recognising Fraud and the Fraudster Personas 

An important aspect of preventing and disrupting fraud and financial is understanding the mindset of fraudsters and why they commit fraud in the first place. The Fraud Triangle was developed by criminologist Donald R Cressey, and it suggests that people will commit fraud when the following three factors are present:   Pressure / motivation – such […]

Demystifying Due Diligence vs. Enhanced Due Diligence

Introduction  In today’s intricate business landscape, risk assessment and compliance are paramount for safeguarding the interests of both investors and businesses. Two crucial terms that frequently surface in this context are “due diligence” and “enhanced due diligence (EDD).” While both share the common goal of mitigating risks, it’s crucial to discern the subtle disparities between […]

The ECCT Act: A New Dawn for Fraud Prevention in the UK

“It will never happen to me”, is a phrase we often hear when it comes to fraud. Yet, in reality, fraud is the most predominant criminal offence in the UK.  A recent Parliamentary report stated that fraud accounts for 40% of all reported crimes in the period ending September 2022.  More worrying is that this […]

How Secret Financial Networks Sustain the Russian Economy

Are Sanctions Working? Strict sanctions enforced on Russia by Western nations have become even more stringent in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Yet the subsequent economic collapse predicted by some has not materialised, and the Russian economy seems to be quite resilient. This means that the Russian government can continue to fund […]

The High cost of Lack of Due Diligence at the NHS

Introduction Nowadays we can all agree, the job market in the UK is daunting. With the cost of living rising and many job applicants searching for new and higher paid opportunities; employers are looking hard for the perfect candidate, with a flawless CV, the right experience level to fit the role, good interview techniques and […]

How Due Diligence Reveals Red Flags

How Due Diligence Reveals Red Flags We help corporate finance firms and Nominated Advisors (Nomads) meet their financial regulatory requirements by undertaking due diligence on Company Directors who are appointed to the Board of an IPO and/or other listed companies on international exchanges. This brings to light any corporate red flags that may otherwise go unnoticed.  […]

‘UK Government Greenlights Seamless Data Transfers to the US!: Practical Steps for Organizations

Announcement Date: September 21, 2023 | Effective Date: October 12, 2023 In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying on top of data privacy regulations is essential. On September 21, 2023, the UK government made a significant announcement by approving adequacy with the US, establishing a ‘data bridge’. These regulations are set to become effective on […]