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AML/CTF Compliance Measures in Qatar

Introduction In September 2019, the State of Qatar issued Law No. 20 of 2019 on Anti-Terrorism Financing and Money Laundering, which came into force in February 2020. This law provided more extensive requirements than the previous laws (Law No. 28 of 2002 and Law No. 4 of 2010) and better adhered to international AML/CTF compliance […]

Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) Checks in Southeast Asia

Understanding the ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) is crucial in Southeast Asia to tackle corruption and prevent money laundering, terrorism financing, and other illicit activities. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reported that countries in this region are highly secretive regarding the ownership transparency of legal entities and wealth. What is an Ultimate […]

How Can Digital Forensics Support HR Investigations?

Introduction Human resources (HR) professionals face multifaceted challenges, from employee misconduct to data theft. The need for effective investigation methods has never been greater. Enter digital forensics, a powerful tool that can significantly aid HR investigations. Let’s explore how TenIntelligence’s digital forensics services can help mitigate risk and streamline your HR processes.   Understanding Digital […]

Digital Forensics Solutions for Risks in Corporate Communication

Introduction Effective and efficient communication is crucial to an organisation’s success in today’s fast-paced work environment. However, using unofficial communication channels in a corporate setting poses several risks. Unregulated apps or personal email accounts lack the oversight and security of official corporate channels, increasing the risk of data breaches and leaks. Implementing robust digital forensics […]

How Bias Impacts Due Diligence and Fraud Investigations?

Introduction Bias is defined as “a disproportionate weight in favour of or against an idea or thing”. Sometimes, bias can be a good thing. It is a natural and learned process that can help people make decisions and protect themselves from potential threats. However, the role of due diligence analysts and fraud investigators is to […]

The Top 10 Fraud Prevention Methods to Safeguard Your Business

Identifying fraudsters and recognising fraud indicators has been well explored, highlighting how fraudulent activity can damage a company’s finances, reputation, and stability. However, preventing fraud is just as essential as detecting it. Now, it’s time to delve deeper into this critical subject. Introduction to Fraud Prevention Fraud prevention is an ongoing process that requires a […]

Protecting Student Privacy: The Importance of School Data Protection

In today’s digital age, schools handle a vast amount of sensitive information about students, parents, and staff. This data drives everything from admissions to student support services, including academic records and personal details. However, with significant data comes great responsibility. Ensuring its security and privacy is paramount; each of us plays a crucial role in […]

GCC Smart Cities: Ensuring Compliance and Security in their Urban Innovations

Introduction to GCC Smart Cities The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are at the forefront of smart cities’ development. These urban innovations transform cities into technologically advanced and sustainable habitats, leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and big data. While some of these innovations concern building new cities, such as Neom or […]

Hiring for Business Success with Pre-Employment Background Checks

So, you believe you’ve found the ideal candidate after investing time in planning, advertising, and interviewing. You’re relieved and ready for them to start. But have you considered the potential risks amidst your day-to-day operations, from budgeting resources to nurturing client relationships? One crucial aspect often overlooked is pre-employment background checks. Without thorough screening of […]

Why is Digital Forensics important for your business?

What is Digital Forensic Investigation?    Digital forensic investigation is a branch of forensic science that examines and analyses digital devices, networks, and data to uncover evidence. It encompasses various activities, including retrieving deleted files, examining digital storage media, analysing network traffic, and identifying security breaches or unauthorized access.  Digital Forensic Investigations can be conducted within […]