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Navigating Due Diligence in Emerging Economies 

Introduction Working on due diligence investigations in emerging economies mean our days are never boring and never the same, from working on different subjects, languages, or jurisdictions. As a team, we aim to maintain an outstanding and consistent reputation for excellence, integrity, and success. This is only possible because we pay close attention to changes […]

Digitalization in Finance in the UAE

The UAE has been undergoing a digitalization in finance. In other words, all governmental services are available digitally under the UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025.    In September 2023, the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) issued Federal Decree Law No. 14/2023 through presidential decree, introducing new digital legislation. The new law sets out to regulate digital […]

AML/CTF Regulations in the UAE

Financial sectors are the most susceptible to money laundering and terrorism financing. Hence, the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) has made efforts to enhance its legislative framework to better adhere to the international framework set by the Financial Action Task Force (“FATF”). The UAE has worked tirelessly to remove itself from the “Grey List”, which the […]

GDPR: Our Journey So Far

GDPR: Our Journey So Far We started our journey in February 2017 when we embarked on the ISO 27001 process for Information Security Management. We wanted to demonstrate to our clients that we take security seriously, especially when we are handling sensitive information. As you can imagine, as part of our due diligence and employment [...]

Navigating the Recruitment Landscape: A Data Protection Imperative 

In the dynamic world of recruitment, data protection has emerged as a cornerstone of ethical and legal considerations. As organizations strive to attract top talent, ensuring compliance with data protection laws has become a strategic imperative. This comprehensive guide is designed to offer invaluable advice and support on key aspects of the recruitment process, from […]

Essential Insights for Data Protection Awareness Day 

As we approach Data Protection Awareness Day on January 28th, it’s crucial to revisit the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which has been in force for nearly six years!   Time flies when you’re a DPO 😀   As we gear up to celebrate Data Protection Awareness Day,  it’s time to acknowledge that data protection […]

Mother of all Data Breaches!

Cyber security researchers have uncovered what is now considered the largest-ever data leak, exposing over 26 billion personal records. Sensitive information from major platforms like X (Twitter), Dropbox, and LinkedIn has been compromised on an unsecured web instance.  Risk? The leaked dataset poses an extreme risk, serving as a potential catalyst for a range of […]

New Email Marketing Guidelines for Improved Business Communication 

  In February 2024, Google and Yahoo will implement updated email marketing guidelines, reshaping how businesses manage electronic communication. These changes centre on three key aspects:      1. Confirming Email Legitimacy  Email authentication is vital to ensure emails are genuine and not flagged as spam. Tools like DKIM, SPF, and DMARC authenticate emails, guaranteeing […]

Digital Forensic Intelligence

In our last article, Keeping Cyber Simplified, we outlined how your organisation can implement a Cyber Security Framework. As part of the Framework, using forensic intelligence in response to an incident (cyber-attack, hack or data breach) is vital, not only in identifying the perpetrators but also to learn from the event and incorporate new measures […]

Watch out for Business Payment Fraud this Christmas 

The festive period is undeniably a hectic time of year. According to the FCA, many people are concerned about being able to afford Christmas and resort to borrowing money to cover the costs. This also leads to a rise in fraudsters looking to take advantage of people’s desperation.    However, it’s not just parents with young […]