Corporate Fraud and Litigation Support

If a suspicion of fraud has arisen, we trust our clients’ instincts and consult with them to develop the next course of action. We help them analyse the evidence and circumstances surrounding the suspicion and set out clear objectives in a workplace investigation plan.

Applying the highest ethical standards, TenIntelligence provides workplace investigation services to uncover corporate fraud and help clients find the truth:

  • determine the details of the suspected fraud, identify those involved and understand the mechanics of the fraud
  • collect, secure and analyse all evidence to strengthen the investigation
  • engage with surveillance teams to aid the detection and investigation of fraud
  • interview suspects or witnesses to collect supporting evidence
  • helping our clients’ legal teams and litigators to identify, unravel and recover assets lost to fraud
  • review and implement measures to prevent fraud from occurring again

Digital Forensics

Identifying and gathering digital evidence during a workplace investigation is key to successful litigation and dispute resolution. Our forensic investigators:

  • apply chain of custody, covering seizure, exhibit handling, data collection and preservation through to examination and investigation
  • conduct forensic examination, including the imaging (producing a working copy) of all digital data from the devices collected using specialised forensic software and hardware
  • work with clients to analyse the data collected, test investigation hypotheses, understand and interpret data structures and present evidence and findings

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