Industry Insights – Added Protection for Our Clients

Industry Insights – Added Protection for Our Clients

Industry Insights, character and regulatory references complement and add value to quantitative data and information with respect to individuals, entities and markets. Industry Insights are a crucial part of Due Diligence research and provides clients with deepened understanding and valuable context in respect of people’s characters, entity workings and events/circumstances. It is especially valuable when trying to capture sensitive or adverse information. 

What are Industry Insights? 

Industry Insights involve interviewing previous co-workers and business associates of the individual/entity in question to obtain qualitative data with regards to their operational capabilities and any possible red flags regarding their professional and sometimes personal history. 

As well as supplementing the information we have already obtained, these interviews are invaluable for discovering new points of interest, especially with regards to sensitive subjects such as litigation, insolvency, bad press or character flaws. 

The interviews are conducted by our team in multiple languages who are highly skilled in this field. It is not sufficient to simply ask questions from a set list. Our team can adapt lines of questioning to obtain detailed information or explanations of points of interest we have identified.  

Our team achieve this by preparing extensively for these interviews, including thorough background research on the subject’s professional history.  

We assess the relevance and credibility of each source before contacting them. This is to ensure that we can garner the maximum amount of information possible from each interview. 

Our interviews are usually conducted virtually, allowing us to contact sources worldwide. 

In most cases, we will receive authorisation from the individual in question to contact sources for interviews. However, if there is legitimate interest regarding the prevention of financial crime, we can conduct discreet interviews.  

What Red Flags are identified through Insights? 

Industry Insight not only allows us to further explore an individual’s professional history, but also investigate how the Insight subject behaves in a professional setting. For example, although a Subject may look to have no issues on paper, we have encountered instances where a source had provided serious criticism of a director’s management style or boardroom etiquette.  We have also had cases where interviews with Insights have exposed possible regulatory violations by a director. 

A Source can provide further insight into any possible accusations of fraud or other potential crimes that have been identified for the Subject. This allows us to clarify whether these represent a serious red flag or not. Read more on how Due Diligence reveals potential red flags

Why are Industry Insights vital for Enhanced Due Diligence? 

Industry Insights allow our team to obtain new, qualitative data that can be synthesised with the information we have obtained through our standard searches to produce a high-quality overview of an individual’s background. This allows our clients to make informed decisions with a plethora of thoroughly researched data supporting their conclusions. 

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Written by

James Weeds | Senior Analyst