Law Enforcement Liaison

Law Enforcement Liaison

Counterfeiting and trademark infringements are serious Intellectual Property crimes that defraud consumers, threaten health and safety and violate the rights of trademark, patent, and copyright owners.  “Fake” products pose a significant threat to consumers’ safety, by unsuspectingly  putting their health in jeopardy each time they use counterfeited products.

Counterfeit alcoholic beverages, food products electronic goods or travel in automobiles and aircraft maintained with substandard counterfeit parts continue to be a huge risk to consumers and the brand owners’ reputation.

Working alongside and liaising with Law enforcement authorities in the UAE, including Police, Customs, Economic Development Departments and Municipalities is critical for the safe removal of counterfeit products from the market.

Our team provides evidence for these government authorities to act upon and we often assist them on conducting anti-counterfeiting raids on the targets we identify.

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