Virtual Data Protection Officer

Virtual Data Protection Officer

Even where a business is not required by the GDPR or the UK’s DPA 2018 to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO), they are encouraged under the regulation to appoint one.

A DPO is expected to have an expert understanding of data protection law and practices. You may already have an employee to do the DPO role, TenIntelligence can support that role, or provide a dedicated subscription service for an appointed Virtual Data Protection Officer, a qualified person, that holds no conflict of interest within your organisation.

How our Virtual Data Protection Officer can help:

  • Review the GDPR risks on the business risk register and create the critical list of control weaknesses
  • Define and maintain the required records of all activities related to processing data including ‘high risk’ processing activities
  • Provide leadership support, business focal point and training to all staff on GDPR matters
  • Ongoing virtual support using all forms of appropriate communication
  • A monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly bespoke report on the current state of the organisation
  • Provide tailored alerts and current global insights
  • Providing real-time assurance through the provision of appropriate reporting mechanisms
  • Short notice or specific 24-hour breach and incident response support service as required


For further information about appointing us as your Virtual Data Protection Officer, visit www.tenintel.com/cyber-security, where you can find out how we support clients with Corporate Security and digital forensics support.

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