November 2021: Issue Thirteen

November 2021: Issue Thirteen

November 2021:

Keep walking | Keep talking

As we enter autumn and with the winter months not far away, many of us are now returning back to the office, either on a full time, or agile basis.  Our Team members are now back in our Kent HQ office at least 2 days a week and our London office is back open for business too.

The aim of our agile working is to keep to our company ethos of flexibility and a positive work/life balance.  We continue to encourage our team to keep walking and to keep talking, as communication and exercise are vital components of our wellbeing.

London to Dubai Challenge

For the candid reader, you may recall back in April that our team embarked on a London to Dubai challenge to help raise essential funds and awareness for our chosen charity Mind.  I am pleased to share that between all of the team, we are nearly over the Dubai line and have reached 4,000 miles of the 4,400 miles needed to meet our challenge!

If you would like to donate Ten Pounds/Dirhams/Dollars please visit our GoFundMe page:


Cyber Essentials as a Service, keeping CyberSimplified

Cyber Essentials (and Plus), which are the UK Government backed standard cyber certification, ensures that companies, businesses, schools, charities and other organisations are demonstrating good cyber compliance. How can TenIntelligence help…

Embellishment of Fraud? The importance of CV verifications

There are many examples of CV manipulation, embellishment and exaggeration.  Rae Legg explores the considerations regarding CVs and fraud.

What is modern slavery and human trafficking | and how due diligence measures help?

Generating about $150 billion US dollars annually, human trafficking and modern slavery are the third global largest source of criminal profit next to drug trafficking and trading counterfeit goods. Analyst, Fiona Harmsen reports… 

Data Protection Updates you may have missed?

Jake Durham outlines some of the key issues, news and legislation changes regarding data protection…