Cyber Essentials as a Service, keeping CyberSimplified

Cyber Essentials as a Service, keeping CyberSimplified

Cyber Essentials as a Service, keeping CyberSimplified

Cyber Essentials (and Plus), which are the UK Government backed standard cyber certification, ensures that companies, businesses, schools, charities and other organisations are demonstrating good cyber compliance. How can TenIntelligence help…

Our understanding of cyber threats, data protection and security audit procedures and vulnerabilities allows our Team to provide clients with measures to mitigate the risk of a data attack or breach.

How we can help

TenIntelligence works alongside clients; helping them with a guaranteed Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification:

  • Conduct audits across the organisation to review, identify and assess where data is held and their access control processes
  • Perform internal testing to Identify, implement and improve firewalls
  • Examine access control weakness, strengths and areas for development providing a secure configuration system
  • Audit cyber protection measures, such as malware protection
  • Review all devices, hardware and software platforms to ensure patch management versions are current and updated
  • Work with the organisation to design and implement appropriate technical and internal measures to ensure data security is designed into all processes
  • Monitor and review procedures needed to ensure continued information security and Cyber Essentials compliance
  • Help organisations develop a staff training and awareness program
  • The full price is £999.00 plus VAT.

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As always, if you require any assistance with data protection related issues, please contact us.

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