April 2021: Issue Twelve

April 2021: Issue Twelve

April 2021:

Our Team regularly talks about the importance of looking after our physical and mental well-being, so in February we decided to turn words into action and set our Team a fundraising challenge!  We are aiming to walk, run or cycle the 4,400 miles which is the approximate distance between our UK and Dubai offices. “Team Ten UK to Dubai”

Not only will the exercise be good for our wellbeing, we will also be raising awareness and financial support for the charity Mind who offer support for anyone with mental health issues.  Mind believes no one should face a mental health problem alone.

Whether you are stressed, languishing, depressed or in crisis. Mind will listen, give support, advice and fight your corner.

If you would like to donate Ten Pounds/Dirhams/Dollars please visit our GoFundMe page: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/team10uktodubaiSo far our Team has covered over 500 miles and raised over £300.00.

If you would like to follow our progress, keep in touch with us on our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

@tenintelligence | @mind

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COVID-19 Fraud: Don’t Let Fraudsters Take Advantage of a Tough Situation

Despite the gradual easing of restrictions in the UK, the pandemic continues to be at the centre of the world’s focus. The chaotic nature of the last year has provided a cover for fraudsters across the world and the thread of fraud for many of us is still very real. 

Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) due diligence considerations.

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) are a new and convenient way of raising finance for a specific purpose, most usually the acquisition of a company. Neil Miller outlines considerations regarding regulatory compliance and due diligence.

OSINT your digital footprint – do you know what you stepped in?

What is OSINT? Open Source Intelligence (“OSINT”) is a method of intelligence gathering in which you collect and analyse information from publicly available and open sources. Val Dockrell, shares some of the fundamentals… 

Financial Crime Compliance, Counter Terror Financing and Ultimate Beneficial Ownership guidance

Good financial crime compliance and anti-money laundering directives all require organisations to introduce a risk-based approach to customer and enhanced due diligence.

Is the threat of insider fraud during the pandemic still real?

We are all still living and working through a time of continued uncertainty.  People are often anxious about their futures, resulting in the temptation to commit fraud or the more vulnerable falling victim to fraud. Neil Miller, CFE reports…

TenIntelligence continues to achieve data protection compliance success with ISO27001 certification in Information Security Management.

Following an extensive annual audit, TenIntelligence continues to meet its ISO27001 compliance certification for 2021-2022.

Nikhil Kamboj joins the TenIntelligence Team as Director of Data Protection

With over 15 years of experience in technology, cyber-security and regulatory compliance, Nikhil has deep understanding of data protection legislations, cyber-security threats, security compliance standards, auditing and business continuity.

World trade in FAKE goods is rising.

On April 26, TenIntelligence celebrated World Intellectual Property Day. Why? That’s an easy question…