World trade in FAKE goods is rising

World trade in FAKE goods is rising


World trade in FAKE goods is rising

On April 26, TenIntelligence celebrated World Intellectual Property Day. Why? That’s an easy question…

“Fake” or “Forged” products pose a significant threat to consumers by putting their health and safety in jeopardy. Alcoholic beverages, food products, electronic goods, software, toys and luxury items, automobiles and aircraft parts are being maintained with substandard or counterfeit parts.

The money generated by the sale of fake goods doesn’t always end up in the sellers pocket. They often fund organised crime, human trafficking, child prostitution and terror groups.

This continues to be a huge risk to consumers safety and the brand owners’ reputation.

So next time you’re considering buying a cheap handbag, pair of sunglasses or cheap cigarettes – think again.

Based in Dubai UAE, our brand protection headquarters gives us local knowledge when we are asked to assist clients with brand protection services. Our team helps clients identify whether their products are being counterfeited.

We complete market surveys, test purchases, trademark infringement, law enforcement liaison and intellectual property due diligence research.

TenIntelligence has a long and trustful relationship with local Law Enforcement Agencies (including Police, Customs, Departments of Economic Development, Chambers) across the UAE.

Working alongside the Agencies, allows our brand protection services and infringement investigations to help identify and remove counterfeit products safely.


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