Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Ensuring vulnerabilities that leave you open to internal and external attack are minimised is critical to your environment’s security posture.

Along with the introduction of multiple data protection legislation and compliance regulations over the last few years; demonstrates that having a secure infrastructure allows an organisation to operate with confidence.

Our technicians help identify critical vulnerabilities using technical/non-technical methods with our penetration testing service, providing threat vulnerability and risk assessments and supporting security improvement plans.

Our understanding of system networks, devices, procedures and vulnerabilities allows us to provide expertise around how malicious attacks are orchestrated and help organisations implement preventative and corrective measures to mitigate the risk of a data attack or breach.

How we can help

TenIntelligence works alongside clients; helping them prevent and investigate cyber crime:

  • Conduct information and connectivity audits across the organisation to review, identify and assess where data is held
  • Conduct specific internal and external penetration testing to identify access control weakness, strengths and areas for development
  • Work with the organisation to, design and implement appropriate technical and internal measures to ensure data security is designed into all processes
  • Work with the organisation to design a Data Privacy Impact Analysis framework linking to pre-existing risk management and project management processes
  • Review the risks on the organisation’s Risk Register and create a critical list of control weaknesses
  • A complete review and/or develop framework of policies and procedures needed to ensure Information Security and Cyber Essentials compliance
  • Help the organisation develop a staff training and awareness program


Areas for consideration:

  • How does your organisation connect to the internet and other communication systems?
  • Does your organisation use multiple software platforms, intranet, wireless activity and/or operating systems?
  • Can you demonstrate compliance around your organisation’s firewalls, encryption, anti-virus and malware security provisions?
  • Does your organisation perform due diligence into its third party providers and key employees?
  • Do you check for mis-configurations and internal/external unauthorised access?

For further information, visit www.tenintel.com/cyber-security, where you can find out how we support clients with Corporate Security and digital forensics support.

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