Keeping Vigilant and Staying Business Safe

Keeping Vigilant and Staying Business Safe

Keeping Vigilant and Staying Business Safe

Our founder, Neil Miller, was recently the guest speaker at a webinar, Keeping Vigilant and Staying Business Safe, hosted by the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce with Antonio Fletcher from Brachers LLP.

As you know, over the last couple of months, Covid19 has caused widespread disruption across the world.  Businesses and organisations have either shut down or have been forced to adopt unprecedented changes to the way they operate. Which is why we need to remain as vigilant as ever.

Over the last month, the team at TenIntelligence have been analysing the emerging trends of new or increased acts of fraudulent activity arising from this current crisis.  This webinar discussed the most effective ways to digitally protect yourself, how to stay aware and how to respond if you have fallen victim of fraudulent activity.  You can watch the webinar below, or download the presentation here.

Fraudsters see no boundaries and do not discriminate.  They are highly motivated, usually by financial gain.  Yet – inconceivably, they rationalise their decisions whilst the world is in lock-down, as they see this as an opportunity to thrive on our fear and vulnerability.

This continues to be a fast-paced situation and has caught many people and organisations by surprise; many were and are still under prepared.

Now that we are all working remotely, fraudsters will take advantage.

Our recent campaign is to spread awareness of just some of the common types of fraud and cyber enabled crimes targeted towards our clients and fellow members – keeping vigilant and staying business safe.

For further information, visit www.tenintel.com/cyber-security, where you can find out how we support clients with data protection and digital forensics support.

Email us at info@tenintel.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @TenIntelligence for all updates.

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