Keeping Children Safe in Education | Recruitment Checks

Keeping Children Safe in Education | Recruitment Checks

Online Background Checks | What does KCSIE 2022 now say?

The updated guidance from the UK Department of Education’s “Keeping Children Safe in Education” in September 2022, has introduced a requirement that all schools should consider carrying out an online search as part of their due diligence on the shortlisted candidates.  These checks will help identify red flags, incidents, or issues that have happened and are publicly available online, which the School or College might want to explore with the shortlisted candidate at their interview.

Guidance from the Department of Education further states that it is recommended the online background checks and collation of information is carried out independently, and not involved in the recruitment selection process.


How can Tenintelligence help your business?

We provide with different levels of online background checks and due diligence, which are imperative to make assured decisions for your company. The step-by-step process  is given below:

  • we interrogate the history of individuals, specifically looking for undisclosed red flags, adverse findings, false or exaggerated statements
  • our research covers multiple international jurisdictions and is performed in different languages
  • we provide unbiased insight and assess the appropriateness of an individual based on third-party interviews

Contact us at info@tenintel.com or +44 (0) 173 252 5810 for further assistance.