TEN facts on counterfeiting products

TEN facts on counterfeiting products

Ten Facts on Counterfeiting Products

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TenIntelligence has recently partnered up with multiple brands and organisations to carry out raids in both emirates of Sharjah and Dubai, with the assistance of law enforcement agencies. 25,056 counterfeit products were seized from two warehouses in July and over 43,000 substandard goods were captured by working with a number of well-known brands in August. Both successful raids have resulted in the seizure of counterfeit goods worth 19,000,000 AED/ Emirati Dirhams.

TenIntelligence is delighted to work with the local and global law enforcement authorities and contribute to apprehend and prosecute counterfeiters who break the law. As a leading influence in the brand protection community, we are committed to assisting companies with the safe removal of counterfeit products, protect intellectual property and help facilitate successful innovation.

Cate Wells, Managing Director (Dubai) said, ‘‘TenIntelligence have been working alongside different UAE Law Enforcement Authorities (LEA’s) for many years for the identification and safe removal of counterfeit products in different sectors. Counterfeiting, piracy and infringements of intellectual property rights are constantly growing phenomena, money raised from selling fake products is also used to support other criminal activities. We are inspired to continue to work collaboratively with brands and LEAs to prevent the sale and distribution of dangerous and inferior goods. Thank you to all involved!”

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