February 2020: Issue Eight

February 2020: Issue Eight

February 2020:

Last year, political uncertainty dominated the UK headlines. Confidence in British business was low, financial markets were turbulent and there was indecisiveness within the political party ranks. British business took a blow, all whilst the outside world was watching us.

Political uncertainty will continue as our geo-political Analyst, Mariya Babikyan, highlights in her “Ask an expert” briefing. But as our regular readers and followers will know, TenIntelligence continues to build a solid platform, providing our clients with continued confidence and assurance. These are just some of our highlights over the last year that we take forward into 2020:

Business Expansion
• Invested in the recruitment of new talent, including marketing, analysts, brand protection, compliance and business support positions
• Introduced new advisory board members, Mendy Ghaleb (UAE), Patty Melamed (USA), Zach Bracchitta (USA) and Colin Culleton (UK)
• Created CyberSimplified – a new Cyber Division for TenIntelligence
• Invested in new office space in Kings Hill (Kent), Moorgate (London) and Business Bay (Dubai)
• Invested and officially launched the Digital Forensics Division
• Initiated the development of our Strategic Intelligence and Geo-Political Risk service offerings
• Continued to build relationships with Kent, Warwick and Hereford (NMiTE) Universities
• Partnered with Santander and the University of Kent’s Intern programme

Personal development
• Introduced mentoring relationships with board advisors
• Invested in team building exercises, bringing the team together
• Investment into training, memberships and certifications
• As a team, we continue to work together to help monitor and improve our working processes

Continuous recognition and high security standards
• Continued accreditation with ISO27001 Information Security Management certification
• Formed a partnership with Dell to provide increased security and operational performance
• Protect our own and clients’ data by improving our compliance and security standards
• Gained Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, the Government’s “Gold Standard” in Cyber Security

We have a team of colleagues who are dedicated in delivering excellence to help safeguard your reputation and protect you from fraud, brand infringement, regulatory risk and data breaches.

I wish all of our readers a prosperous and healthy new year.

A glimpse into uncertainty: 2020 geopolitical risks

Before the discovery of Australia, people were convinced all swans were white, entirely confirmed by empirical evidence. No one had ever seen a black swan, writes Nassim Taleb, a risk analyst who works on randomness, probability and uncertainty. To refute this theory, it only took for one person to see a single black swan as proof. Much like the times we live in today, the “black swan theory” illustrates events of high improbability which leaves a lasting impact on our lives.

Forensics in the workplace – a simplified approach

As part of our educational promise to our clients and local organisations, TenIntelligence recently presented its first awareness event of 2020. Our Chief Operating Officer, Richard Bell and Cyber and Forensics Associate, Sean Nichol, provided local Kent businesses with an insight into the digital forensics examination process, the different types of forensic investigations and how they can support different organisations.

Identifying and gathering digital evidence is key to successful litigation and dispute resolution. During the presentation, our Certified Forensic Practitioners discussed how to recover and investigate material found in digital devices, including hard drives, servers, laptops, smartphones, networks and storage media devices, for further analysis and evidence review. The team also shared different scenarios that highlighted how digital forensics techniques can be utilised to aid fraud and Intellectual Property investigations or provide assurance for data compliance and protection.

TenIntelligence gains Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation

The team at TenIntelligence is delighted to announce that we successfully gained the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation for 2020 and beyond.

Update from Dubai

Cate Wells and her Team in Dubai, have again been assisting clients with brand protection strategies, market surveys and ant-counterfeiting initiatives.