Surveillance and covert investigations


Static observations, site visits and mobile surveillance are often valuable tools to aid the detection of evidence during corporate fraud investigations. Observation may be from a fixed position or may involve following suspects or vehicles to monitor activities around the suspected fraud, or to identify receivers of stolen goods. In all cases, photographs, digital video may be taken and produced as evidence.

Despite what is portrayed in the movies, surveillance is a specialist skill, calling for great care and planning.

Our surveillance teams consist of former police and military officers who have been trained to the highest standards within their professions. Whether a static observation is required to a six operative mobile surveillance assignment, our teams provide surveillance services of the highest quality using state of the art surveillance communications, vehicles and media equipment.

Our surveillance teams regularly submit Section 9 Witness Statements and records its evidence under Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) 2000 and GDPR guidelines.

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