Fraud prevention and audit programme

Fraud Prevention

Fraud is any behaviour by which a person intends to gain a dishonest advantage over another. Corporate fraud investigations refers to those cases in which a company or organisation is involved.

The detection of corporate fraud usually arises from an internal audit finding, anonymous tip off, suspicion, complaint, whistle-blower or allegation. In our experience, suspicions of fraud are normally well founded, irrespective of the source.

How we can help:

We assist organisations prevent, detect and reduce fraud exposure to help them mitigate losses. As part of our corporate fraud investigations and prevention reviews, we will:

  • Design, develop and implement written fraud policies and procedures to promote consistency and mutual understanding between the organisation and stakeholders
  • Conduct internal audits across the organisation to review, identify and assess known and unknown fraud risks
  • Develop and monitor the procurement regime of supply chains and their compliance to fraud policies
  • Examine whether corruption schemes exist within an organisation, procurement functions and supply chains
  • Review existing contractual terms with employees, clients and supply chains to ensure compliance with anti-bribery legislation and “adequate procedures” requirements
  • Provide new and updated background checks on all employees, including senior hires and external contractors
  • Identify behavioural red flags displayed by fraud perpetrators

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