Test purchases and evidence packages

Test Purchases

Controlled test purchases or trap purchases directly from the traders’ premises or from online commerce sites, are often the best way to collect evidence that a trader is selling counterfeit products or infringing a trademark.

Our team prepares test purchase evidence packages and reports. These include the name of the target or trader, types of counterfeit products on offer, the known quantities that are involved and provide photographs of the products, its packaging and labels enabling our clients to take action with the authorities if required. e-Payment evidence often provides additional financial and banking information helping to identify the source of money.

The information and evidence gathered from market surveys and test purchase programmes, equips Clients with the reliable evidence packages they require to take further legal action.

Our brand protection headquarters is based in Dubai, UAE.  This gives us local knowledge when we are asked to help clients with brand protection services. We assist with market surveys, test purchases, trademark infringement, law enforcement liaison and intellectual property due diligence research in the Middle East.  Recent cases have involved working in the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq and Saudi Arabia; as well as across Europe, the USA and United Kingdom.

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