Anti-fraud learning – a personal perspective

Anti-fraud learning – a personal perspective

Anti-fraud learning – a personal perspective

Reem Ramadan reports…

Attending the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) anti-fraud masterclass organised by the Open Thinking Academy in Dubai was beneficial for me to learn more about becoming a fraud examiner, and an opportunity for me to be introduced to other professionals in the field, as well as presenting TenIntelligence to a wider audience.

As fraud investigation is one of our core services, attending the masterclass was a great opportunity to gain contacts and build relationships. I was really pleased to receive positive feedback from one of our existing clients and interest from another masterclass visitor – both were very keen for us to contact them. The anti-fraud masterclass was divided into two sessions. The first session focused on the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) exam requirements. The second session of the class concentrated on interviewing techniques that fraud investigators should apply when interviewing someone suspected of fraud or wrong-doing.

With the help of visual aids, the speaker was able to elaborate on how an investigator should create the right environment to reassure any suspect rather than intimidate them. The session ended with a guest speaker from a well-known accounting firm – his talk gave a good insight into how a fraud investigator should conduct an interview, with real-life examples. I particularly enjoyed his presentation as it showed how psychology can really help investigators when dealing with somebody suspected of fraud, which can significantly change the outcome or course of an investigation. I look forward to putting some new learning into practice and building upon that knowledge.

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