5 Years on from GDPR

5 Years on from GDPR

Today marks five years since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, revolutionizing the way we handle data. As we commemorate this milestone, we want to share 10 key learning points that have emerged since GDPR’s implementation. We also invite you to reflect on your own experiences by asking open-ended questions that delve into your data protection journey.

Ten Considerations under GDPR

  1. Transparency Matters: Are you aware of how your data is being collected, used, and stored?
  2. Consent is Crucial: Where consent is required, have you ensured explicit consent for processing personal data?
  3. Data Minimization is Key: Are you collecting only the necessary data for your business purposes?
  4. Accountability Is Non-Negotiable: Have you appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) or taken necessary steps to ensure accountability?
  5. Security is a Priority: Have you implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect data?
  6. Breach Readiness is Essential: Are you prepared to handle data breaches promptly and effectively?
  7. Privacy Policy Notices Are Informative: Are your privacy notices clear, concise, and easily accessible?
  8. International Data Transfers Require Caution: Do you have appropriate safeguards in place for transferring data internationally?
  9. User Rights Are Empowering: Are you facilitating the exercise of data subjects’ rights, such as access, rectification, and erasure?
  10. Regular Reviews are Essential: Have you conducted periodic assessments and audits to ensure compliance with GDPR?

We are at an interesting time in the world of Data Privacy & Protection, with upcoming privacy and data laws and regulations, such as the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill.

We would love to hear your insights and experiences on these topics, and how you have been preparing for updates and changes? Share your thoughts with us, and together, let’s continue our commitment to data protection excellence. And here’s to another five years of robust data protection!

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Lynsey Hanson DPO

Lynsey Hanson | Data Protection Officer