Executive Screening

Employing the right people into positions of influence will determine the direction and ultimately the success of an organisation. Profiling applicants and individuals with a specific insight on identifying indicators that could damage the reputation of a business is becoming an integral part of recruitment and preventing employee fraud. (For Example, a prospective employee who submits a false employment application form may have committed offences under the Fraud Act 2006.)

We deliver comprehensive reports and background checks on the applicants’ relevant experience, verify their former employment and qualifications, check for conflicting commercial interests, identify credibility concerns, look for adverse legal history, inspect negative media coverage, explore social media behaviours and investigate unexplained gaps in their employment history.

In particular, we provide executive screening services to any entity subject to the FCA’s approved persons’ regime.

All of our due diligence services and regulatory guidance covers a variety of jurisdictions across Europe, Middle East, USA, Caribbean, South America and Australasia.