Hedge Funds & Financial Services: Background Checks

The following are some of the key reasons why hedge funds, private equity and other investment companies should conduct investigative due diligence and background checks:

  1. Protect yourself and your team from reputational damage
  2. Ensuring better protection against fraud
  3. Identify, assess and mitigate counter-party risks
  4. Keep up-to-date with best practice and industry standards of due diligence
  5. Instil a culture of transparency and compliance, FCPA, Bribery Act measures etc.
  6. Be compliant in offshore and onshore jurisdictions
  7. Identify foreign ownership structures, global subsidiaries & other beneficial shareholders
  8. Verify your service providers / fund administrators and third parties representing your fund
  9. Identify any history of wrong doing, litigation or enforcements with customers, employees and third parties.
  10. Identify any relationships with government officials, Politically Exposed Persons or sanctioned individuals.

About TenIntelligence:

We deliver concise due diligence on businesses, vendors, agents, individuals, customers and other counter-parties to satisfy compliance and AML demands, so that our clients can operate with confidence. TenIntelligence assists clients undertake detailed risk assessments and implement tailored programmes in order to overcome their compliance challenges and to deter financial crime. 

Our investigative due diligence will also examine whether corruption schemes exist within your business and supply chains, implement robust anti-bribery provisions, as well as guiding you through any subsequent investigations and anti-corruption policies.

For further information on our due diligence, intelligence and investigation services please contact us on (UK) +44 203 102 7720 or (UAE) on +971 (0) 4333 4669. Alternatively please email us on

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